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PooperBowl Contest 2004

Take a guess at how many poops in the bowl.
Guess the exact number or be the one closest
to the number and win a Toy Pooping Rabbit.

There will be at least 10 Winners/Toy Pooping
Rabbit prizes given out. The #1 top contestant
also gets a 2nd Toy Pooping Rabbit that poops
Golden poops!

Now, here are your final clues:

The bowl was purchased at Wal-Mart back
in the Arts & Crafts section.

The bowl dimensions in terms of volume
equals 453ml or 15.319 fluid ounces.
(the actual volume that the poops comprise)

Contest ends March 30th, on Bucky's birthday
and the winners and results will be posted then.

It is preferred that you post your guesstimate of
Rabbit Poops on APR.

Thank-You and Good Luck!!!



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